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Sophie Mirisioti

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Sophie Mirisioti

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Sofia Mirisioti

Professor of Greek Literature (graduate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)with many years of experience in tutoring to primary, secondary and high school students with or without learning difficulties, teaching online (via skype, gmail, viber and zoom worldwide) private Greek lessons at very affordable prices. Notes, grammar and comprehension exercises and assimilation tests in each section with the completion of the chapter are provided.


Levels A1 A2

Levels B1 B2

Level C1

Level C2

Business Greek

Creative Writing

Greek conversation

Greek for Tourists

Special Education Courses

Online support is also provided for people with learning disabilities. Homework is offered tailored to the requirements and needs of each student. There is excellent collaboration with parents who are given advice throughout the student's teaching process so that there is improvement and success while learning Greek language.

Adult Education

In our time where travels are very easy and professional competition is large, the learning of a second language now is considered a must. So if you live in Greece and you want to get the language certification or if you simply want to travel here in the summer time or you are interested in becoming competitive in your job then learning a foreign language like Greek is absolutely necessary. So no matter what level you are at (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2) you can organize the lessons with me according to your requirements and your needs. So if you belong to the adults who do not have a lot of free time, organize your Greek lessons through your own available schedule. Why not choose online lessons via skype, gmail, viber and zoom and learn Greek from anywhere, whether you live in or out of Greece.

On line lessons in Group

I also teach Greek courses in groups of maximum 5 students with very affordable prices. The lessons provided to adults of all levels or young students as well

Why choose to learn Greek with me

Lessons are delivered by a native Greek teacher with many years of experience. My method is not only effective but also funny. I always organize my private lessons according to your own personal needs and wills. I am dedicated and I love what I do. Just a few lessons with me will prove to you that I am what you are looking for. So give it a try and start your first 10 hours on line lessons and see what I mean.

Countries served:


Countries served:



The total amount resulting from the monthly hours is prepaid at the beginning of the month.

Οn-Line On-Line 10 hours Private Courses
With Privileged Prices via Skype

A1 level: 15€ / hour

A2 level:16€ / hour

B1 level:17€ / hour

B2 level:18 € / hour

C1 level:19 € / hour 

C2 level:20 € / hour

Business Greek - Creative writing
Greek conversation - Greek for Tourists

Business Greek : Private 60 minutes 22€

Creative Writing (only for advanced adult learners – C1/C2 levels): Private 60 minutes 22€

Greek conversation (for adult students of A2/B2 level): Private 60 minutes 20€

Greek for Tourists (in 10 days): Private 60 minutes 20€

Prepaid the whole month and earn 10% off the price

A1 level: 13,50 € / hour

A2 level: 14,4€ / hour

B1 level: 15,3€ / hour

B2 level: 16,2 € / hour

C1 level: 17,1€ / hour 

C2 level: 18 € / hour

Sofia Mirisioti

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Sofia Mirisioti
Sophie Mirisioti

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